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South Island Boar (Aug 2007) Canterbury

South Island Boar (Aug 2007) Canterbury

This story also dates back more than a year. I popped out with a mate named Andrew (after chamois initially) during a crisp August day and the weather was mint! Maybe a bit chilly to start with, but it warmed up by lunch time.

We saw a cham in the morning, but it was miles away, and there was a bit of scrub between us so we took a gamble and moved on in another direction

We climbed up a side creek where I have came onto chams in the past, and unfortunately found no love :-/ perfect spot for them though...

And saw an unexpected guest too (resolution might be a bit average)

As the day worn on, we decided to head back down valley for a glass for some pigs... and enroute came onto this frozen little spring stream

On fading light I picked up this boar moving through the tusock and matagouri (thanks swarovski) so Andrew made a stalk in on it, and eventually shot it at 20 meters. Was great watching it unfold through the spotting scope - it was like a tennis game, back and forward, back and forward, who's doing what, was that a good move, hmm maybe it was, where's the pig going, is it feeding, can Andrew see this... until about an hour later two shots sounded off. Good bit of entertainment really.

check out the hooks

I packed everything up and ran over to give andrew a hand, and packed the thing out to the vehicle. we didn't get home until just around midnight.. and it was fair to say someone was a very concerned girl - i had planned to be out by teatime.. so i had burger king ;D

Anyway, the day was a good bit of training before I head away for a week as of tomorrow.

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