An unexpected night out for the Groom
Several days before the big wedding day (Sept 19th 2009) I caught up with Curley in Queenstown to roam one last time in those magic alps as a free spirit. The target species were fallow and the purpose of the trip was to bag a bit of meat for the up'n'coming stag do. After all, what better culinar... View full article
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Bow Stalking Fallow

Bow Stalking Fallow

Thursday 2nd July 2009
I had my first chance at an absolute bruiser of a fallow buck yesterday morning! He was long, wide, and had palmations like kayak paddles. On one side I counted 12 points and the other side looked even busier (maybe 14 or 15 points!!). My guestimate on douglas score would exceed 200 DS. He was you'... View full article
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