Winter backpack hunt for Sambar, VIC - Australia
We pulled up to our chosen catchment just after lunch on August the 5th 2009. The weather was reasonably mild compared to the same time last year with not a scerrick of snow to be seen. The clouds did a poor job to fight off the rain and an hour into the walk it began hosing down. It had rained the ... View full article
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Sambar Addiction - Nov 08 (VIC) Australia
Having been well and truley bitten by the Sambar bug, a few of the kiwis teamed up for a short stint after the Sambar before the rutt was over and the stags dropped their antlers for the velvet season. Due to our different work rosters, our dates for the trip were limited to the weekend of the Melbo... View full article
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Sambar Success - August 2008 - (VIC) Australia
NOTE I plan to cover this in an up and coming Issue of NZ HUNTER Heres a few pics of our first Sambar hunt in Australia (Victoria). Close hunting companion Andre Alipate came across from the North Island (NZ) to beat the feet with me, and a couple of local aussie boys took us into one of their back... View full article
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