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Stoney Creek Bivy Pack

There are several reasons why I recommend the Stoney Creek Bivy Pack.

Firstly, it essentially has enough storage space to be comfortably used on day trips and overnighters. With a storage capacity of 50litres, I pack my four-season sleeping bag, gortex bivy bag [or either a water proof fly], gas cooker, gas canister, dried food and snacks for two days, warm jersey, pair of socks & jocks, and an outer layer waterproof jacket. I then strap my roll-matt along the left side to allow for my rifle to be slung on my right shoulder. Bear in mind that this is packing light for alpine excursions, particularly if weather is bad, but I have found it more than adequate for the job.

The fabric, and inner-seem linings are 100% water proof. This was put to the test while hunting in west Fiordland during March of 2006. It is imperative that your equipment is kept dry while moving around in your bag. I am confident to take my video camera, digital camera, range finders, binoculars, and toilet paper in the Bivy Pack because I know how well the rainwear hydro-tough fabric performs.

Unlike most packs of this size, the Bivy Pack has a pre-moulded back-support in the normal "S" shape for your spine. This feature can be removed if the users wish to stuff the Bivy Pack into a larger back pack if they are outdoors for more than two days. I found the back-support robust and sturdy for carrying heavy loads of venison off the hill. In essence this minimises any slouching, while the "air flow padded back system" made carrying game off the hill more comfortable.

The simplicity of the Bivy Pack is also an excellent feature. There are just two exterior zips [for maps, 2way radios, ammo, snacks etc] and a set of exterior straps along the sides. If you want to reduce the pack to 42 litres, you can remove the small 8 litre zip-off day pack and give it to your mate while he sneaks in on an animal for the day. I am very pleased the Bivy Pack doesnt have any straps and cords that trail behind you and hook branches etc. The shoulder straps are slimly designed for quick "up and bang" shots in the bush so you don't have to fumble around. Its sleek and easy-fitting shape makes it a great and worthwhile hunting pack.

Overall I rate the Bivvy Pack:

Storage: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Waterproofing: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Stealth: 5/5

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