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Stoney Creek Air Mesh Shirt

The Air Mesh shirts are a must-have in your hunting kit whether you use them during a stinking hot day in Summer, or a beaming hot day in the snow covered tops! The meshing provides excellent ventilation and aeration of the body which in turn reduces the pungent body odour from soaking into your clothing. And if you sleep in your hunting gear like me then you'll notice how much of a difference an aerated shirt makes as you snuggle up in your sleeping bag for the night.

The blaze option Mesh shirt is a vivid orange to the human eye - which I have found excellent while bushstalking. All Mesh shirts come with a chest pocket to store your compass and map, or a couple spare bullets.

Overall I rate the Mesh shirts very highly:

Comfort 5/5

Aeration 5/5

Stalking Performance 5/5

Compactability 5/5

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