Product Reviews

New Stoney Creek Design Jacket

This huntlite Jacket is now my most favourite piece of Stoney Creek gear along side the warm sika to...Read Full Review

Stoney Creek 100L Carrier Pack

I use the Stoney Creek 100L Pack for several reasons. The first being its large size. It provides m...Read Full Review

Stoney Creek Rusa Boots

When I got my first pair of Rusa Boots in 2007, I was still living in the South Island where my hunt...Read Full Review

Stoney Creek Air Mesh Shirt

The Air Mesh shirts are a must-have in your hunting kit whether you use them during a stinking hot d...Read Full Review

Stoney Creek Silent Series

I recently bought a pair of the Silent Series long-sleeve shirt and pants for general hunting purpos...Read Full Review

Stoney Creek Bivy Pack

There are several reasons why I recommend the Stoney Creek Bivy Pack. Firstly, it essentially has...Read Full Review

Swarovski 10x40 Habicht

I made my mind up to buy some quality optiks after hunting with a mate Jewfish who had a pair of Lei...Read Full Review

Tikka 695

This model is no longer produced - however new rifles may still be found in some hunting stores. Fai...Read Full Review

Stoney Creek Longsleeve Bush Coat

In my opinion the Long Bush Coat is a great outer layer in terms of practicality because it's light-...Read Full Review

Stoney Creek Shooters Jacket

Talk about a heavy duty, durable and robust jacket! The durable zips and double seaming ensure that ...Read Full Review

Stoney Creek Sika Top

This Stoney Creek garmont is a must for those who take bushstalking during winter seriously. It is w...Read Full Review

Air Mesh Pants

Review in progress... I've just got a pair of these for Christmas, and I intend to try use them dur...Read Full Review
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